Friday, June 28, 2013

Schools out for Summer... and so is the Youth Spot.

Hey YouthSpotonians, we're all wrapped up for the summer, peeps have headed off to camps and summer jobs and skate parks and beaches, so no regular youth groups during the summer.  But check in once and while, we'll be doing a few events over the summer and I'll keep you in the loop if any cool things pop up... like surfing... or a road trip to a concert... or a camp out in the highlands...

If you're looking for somewhere to hang out in the summer with people that look like you and talk like you and think things about Jesus like you, check out the Tuesday Night Church in Sydney River,  people get together on, you guested it, Tuesday Night to talk about Jesus and hang out and pray and be encouraged by other people who are following Jesus or even just curious about God and Faith and spiritual things.  Everyone is welcome.

Find out more at

Be Blessed, Have Great Summer... Call me if you want to go surfing...

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