Friday, September 7, 2012

Youth Spot, welcome back to reality... schools in, summers out, youth spot begins in T minus 7 days.  Get ready for the 2nd annual Kickoff camp fire and Joe and Gem's house.  You have one week to work on your best trampoline moves.

Check out the incredible Beautiful Eulogy video on the right, go to the Humble Beast website and get a bunch of total free albums.  These guys are the real deal.  Listen to some music that will transform your mind and soul.

Check out The Disciple Road page.  Starting this fall, every second Youth Spot, we'll be focusing on Jesus, cause lets face it, that's what we're really here for.  We're going to look at what Jesus said about becoming His disciples.

First Friday's every month will be girls and guys nights, so girls, some very cool young women are going to hang out with you and do girly things.  I have no idea what that will be, but it will be great.

Guys, you're with me and some of the boys, we're going to do guy things, like blow stuff up, hunt moose, play hockey, sleep in the wilderness and eat pizza... among other things that we can't tell the girls because they wouldn't understand.

And we've got some other stuff in the works with some other youth groups, one of them might be paintball, and by "might be" I mean we are definitely going to do paintball!

I am PUMPED!!!


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