Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New Potatoes

Hey everyone, Youth Group is planned for the next month.  We're going to do something that is very hard for you/me over the next little while... Listen... To God...  I tried it today and he said He wants you to try it too.  So we're going to do a little experiment in learning to listen.  Don't worry, I'm not just going to make you sit in awkward silence for the whole time, but we are going to learn and practice how to hear from God, it's not much good if you just hear from me all the time.  So, we'll spend some time for the next few Fridays listen to God and then we'll do something less quiet and less awkward (or possibly more awkward).  By the way, isn't "awkward" a weird word... I didn't know how to spell it... that's awkward... then after I figured out how to spell it, it still looked weird... awkward...

We're also going skating on January 21st.  It's a Saturday afternoon, starts at 1:30, done at 3:00.  I hope some of you show up, because if I'm there by myself skating around in circles for an hour, that'll be awkward.  It's $4. Don't worry if you can't skate well, I'm taking Isla for the first time, so you'll probably be better than her.

On the last Friday of the month (January 27th) we're doing dinner and movie at Joe and Gem's.  Don't miss it.
Joseph W. Cook.

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