Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hello everyone, the people have spoken, youth group has been moved back to Friday nights.  This Friday it will be at Grace at 6:30.  We're looking at Chapter 2 of the Rabbi's Heartbeat: Beloved.

This weekend is the 20th anniversary at our church so there's lots of stuff all weekend, but Saturday night might be for you.  We're having a RIOT worship night.  Kim Butler, who was the first youth pastor ever at Grace is coming back rock the house.  7:00pm Saturday.

Don't forget about the Youth Retreat next weekend, HUGE 2011, check out the schedule and what to bring.  Don't forget you're Halloween costume for the food drive or we'll have to wrap you in T.P. and send you out as a mummy... or I'll spray paint you blue and you can go as a smurf.

Click the foot to see the schedule

Click the Pig to see what to bring

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