Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Season, New Beginnings, New Look, Same Jesus.

Hey everyone, this post is the launch of the new Grace Fellowship Youth Spot.  You can find info about upcoming events, what's happening for youth group, links to new bands, books and movies that are good for your soul, links to other youth groups and probably some random thoughts of my own.

Here's the plan...

Grace Youth Group is going to start meeting on Monday nights.  We're doing this for a couple reasons, some of the other youth groups are meeting on Mondays so we want to be able go and hang out with them sometimes - double the people double the fun.  Also I don't want to compete for your attention with things on the weekends, I'd rather you come on Monday and hear something about Jesus, cause let's be realistic, some of you are going to choose hanging out with your friends over youth group anyway...  We're going to start going through a devotional book called "The Rabbi's Heartbeat", by Brennan Manning.  It'll help us see who we are to Jesus.  Then we'll do "youth group stuff".  I'm taking any and all ideas of stuff to do so let me have 'em.

Part B, we're going to start having "Spaghetti & Jesus Dinners" on Thursdays at my house, (53 Fraser Ave. Sydney Mines)  This will be kind of like the bible studies we did last year but I'm not going to try to teach, it will just be a chance to hang out, chat about life and Jesus and eat some good food.  Stay tuned for details about when this is going to start.

#3, we're going to have some kind of 'retreat-type-get-together' the last weekend of every month for the rest of the school year.  Sometimes it will be a weekend, sometimes it will be a Saturday, sometimes it will be a big deal, sometimes it will be really simple.  Whatever it looks like it will be about being with Jesus and being with friends.  The first weekend is coming up soon.  Cape Breton Bible Camp Teen Retreat.  Steve Fenton is back to teach for the weekend, it'll be camp 2.0 lite.  It starts Friday at 6:30, ends Sunday at 4:00.  Cost is $60 each (if you can't afford it come anyway and we'll work something out).  Ages 13-18. 

!!!COMING SOON !!!  HUGE 2011: You Never Knew God Was This Big! is planned for the last weekend in October (28-30).  Stay tuned for all the info. 

If you have anything you want to see on this blog, let me know.

be blessed,

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