Friday, September 30, 2011

Monday Youth Group, Friday Coffee House

Hey peeps, we'll have Youth Group at Joe and Gem's place this week, (53 Fraser Ave. Sydney Mines).  We're going to talk about Chapter 1 of the Rabbi's Heartbeat, how we all hide from God sometimes but he wants to call us out of hiding to be who he made us.
I've got another little video to show too.
After we're done with the Jesus stuff we'll play some games and eat something.  Sound like a plan... good.  See you on Monday at 6:30

Also great news, our package came today for Mahelet Anemaw, so don't forget your $2 when you come.  I'll get some copies made of the picture for whoever wants one so you can remember to pray for her and remember who we're helping out with our simple little $2 each.

This Friday (October 7) there will be a coffee house.  If anyone wants to play a tune, read a poem, dance a jig, do a magic trick, tell some jokes, any other hidden talent you want to reveal to the world... let me know (making milk come out your nose is a great talent but we'll save that for youth group).  Donations will be taken for Dave MacIntyre to help cover the cost of the outreach portion of his DTS.  If you didn't know, he's in New Zealand at a Youth With A Mission (YWAM)  bible school.  The schools are organized around some type of activity, for this one it is surfing.  So while he's learning about God and how to share his faith with people, he's also learning how to surf.  Pretty sweet deal.  At the end of the "school" portion, everyone is sent out on a short mission where they can put to use all the awesome stuff they learned about God with people who have never heard about Jesus.  Everyone should go on one of these when you finish school... including me.  Hey, stop giggling, I'm not too old to be a surfer.  You don't have to like surfing by the way, there are all kinds of different DTS programs all over the world.  Figure out what you love to do then go and let God teach you how to do it with him.  Come talk to me if you're interested in more info about this and I'll hook you up with some people who have done it.

Check out the new Needtobreathe Album, it's good.

And start making plans now to be at HUGE 2011, it'll be the best 20 bucks you ever spent, check out the link to the left for more info.

Be blessed.

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